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Đọc tất cả các video karaoke đủ loại định dạng: *wmv, *.dat, *.avi, Vob, full HD.nhập auto toàn bộ bài hát một lần vào cơ sở dữ liệu, các bạn chép tất cả video karaoke vào ổ...


Unit is active in the field of sound technology software karaoke. we believe qualifications, abilities and assert their own professional system

As the photos show a certificate of export to Europe and around the World. confirmed that the product quality, origin, ability in technology. replace the market-standard products are not certified by the World technology and quality of old products

Intelligent search function. not products on the market KTV Vietnam do this

Processing speed of high-end software. forefront of technology Vietnam KTV

Units with 1-2TB SATA hard drive installed, including 50,000 songs of Vietnam-UK - China - Korea - Japan ...
Karean, Thailand, Russian, Khmer, Myanmar, etc.
Support for formats such as VCD songs played (MPEG1/DAT), DVD (MPEG2/VOB), MP3 + G, MPEG4 (DIVX), etc.
 Support convert multi-track audio status file.Keep Vocal Muisc VOB /. (Audio A1, A0, C1, C0, 81.80)
Easy to operate, Karaoke with songs that are protected, Insert, Replay and other interface features clear.
Some way to select songs: choice / by artist / by / from by language, directly and quickly.
Super music management tool: the software tool SonglistManager professional.
Three ways to add songs: Cable to PC - USB - SD

  Users can customize the menu options of songs, easy to program using the menu interface for their own operating practices.
Improve efficiency entertainment.
INSERT COIN function of the active mode or passive mode, can satisfy commercial customers targeted advertising auto audio video images chosen.
The function of the random playback.
There are infrared interface can receive the remote control sensor

Mode 19 inch - 40 inch
Power and Electrical: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 60W
Running environment: WINDOWS95/98/2000/NT/XP/LINUX
Completely waterproof.

Information Product Price

Runs all Windows and all of the VOD market

Warranty 1 year 1 for a

First VOD-VinaKTV 1000GB Price 520 USD

First VOD-VinaKTV 1500GB Price 570 USD

First VOD-VinaKTV 2000Gb Price 640 USD

Type Touch-screen VinaKTV 1Gia 420USD (only vinakaraoke available)

Type Touch-screen VinaKTV 2Gia 370USD (KTV other firms are selling)

    If you do not buy - someone else will buy. If you do not - other people will use - and who is lagging

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